Your mission, if you choose to accept it

August 5, 2019

Are you striving towards a healthier lifestyle? Or are you maybe looking for a new way to spend some more quality time with your family and friends? If this sounds like you then the new, active mobile app, Eye Spies, is right for you as it is the perfect medium to stay energetic whilst exploring the city of Singapore. 

The Problems of Technology

Many studies have shown that the rapidly evolving digital age has negative impacts on the health of communities. As a result of the digital age, there can be a reduction of activity and lack of motivation to stay moving and healthy, this is where Eye Spies comes in. This app provides the best of both worlds as it introduces a fun and new way to exercise whilst accommodating to the new era of technology. 

Begin Your Journey

It’s likely that you have once thought of what life would be like as a spy. Now, with the help of augmented reality, our players have the chance to emerge themselves in a spy’s lifestyle. The game interacts with the real world and assigns our players with missions that require them to venture out in Singapore with the aim to locate points of interest to gain a variety of rewards that aid their future in the game. The missions are specifically located around the city, allowing the player to gain a broader knowledge of the dynamic nature of Singapore. As you accomplish more and build your Eye Spies empire, you move up the leaderboard to become the strongest spy base, encouraging our players to keep moving as their hard work begins to pay off. Take your first step into this adventure towards your spy supremacy and your personal health. 

Share Your Mission

An additional upside to the app Eye Spies is the player’s ability to share their game experience with their friends and family, encouraging more people to be active through this medium whilst strengthening bonds between loved ones. Eye Spies provides a modern activity to liven up family outings as it involves all members of the family and consists of aspects that appeal to all ages. Players of all generations will enjoy this game as they will be able to work with their family members to support each other to become the strongest spy they can be whilst also competing with each other.  

The Main Problems

There are many fitness apps on offer to the public, however, Eye Spies provides an innovative form of exercise that others don’t deliver. The gaming aspect provides the encouragement that traditional fitness motivation doesn’t give as there are additional benefits of the progression of the players Eye Spies empire. This balance between exercise and gaming is able to stimulate the players’ minds and bodies in a dynamic way that other apps aren’t able to achieve. 

Become A Spy

This is your chance to take charge of your own life in so many aspects, be in through fitness, bonding with others, or quench your thirst for adventure. Put in the work and let the rewards flood you as you make your way to becoming the greatest spy in Singapore. This is your mission, Agent, do you choose to accept it?