The benefits of family bonding that Eye Spies provides

August 19, 2019

As technology evolves and becomes a larger part of our lives, family relationships have started to stray from the traditional connections that were once so common. Some parents may view the increased use of social media and technology as a wedge between their children and some children may see their phones to be an easy escape from stress.

Because children today have grown up with social media readily available, they are susceptible to the lessons from popular culture. Children’s television shows such as Malcolm in the Middle (source) often portray adults to be selfish and enemies of children. This consistent access to negative attitudes towards parents can taint relationships in families. Due to this communication between parents and children can decrease, and this is encouraged through texting and social media. This unhealthy use of phones can lead to children feeling isolated from their family (source). 

Isolation is experienced by parents too, but for different reasons. Parents today are ‘digital immigrants’ (source), meaning that they don’t fully understand the digital world.  The lack of knowledge on social media and the new pressures in the world today can limit parents connecting with their children. 

However, Eye Spies works to correct these issues. The dynamic mix between gaming and real life adventure provides the perfect tool for parents and children to bond. The simplified yet impressive makeup of the app allows children to appreciate the app whilst not being too hard for parents to grasp. Through the adventurous nature of the game, both groups are able to bond over the common goal of building a spy empire. Through the equal platform of Eye Spies understanding can be found between parents and children, blurring their differences and using technology as a tool instead of an inhibitor towards a healthy relationship.