How is Eye Spies positively impacting gaming apps for all ages?

September 4, 2019

Some issues come up when it comes to gaming, these are; there are more negatively impacting effects than positive and many age demographics are marginalized from playing.  However, Eye Spies provides a versatile nature of gaming as all ages are catered towards throughout the game. Additionally, Eye Spies provides unique benefits for all ages because of the synergistic mix of health, fun, and education that embodies the application. The different types of demographics that enjoy Eye Spies are; children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. 

Children, between the ages of 5 and 12, are eager to play Eye Spies as a result of the alluring adventure that the application has to offer. Generally, children of this age are just starting to game either on a phone or on a console, Eye Spies is the perfect way for this new hobby to flourish into healthy behavior. Eye Spies is situated outside, interacting with culture and the local community, which can lead to an increase in curiosity for our youngest spies. This will replace the typically negative behaviors surrounding gaming such as laziness and obesity, setting up the spies with a healthy mindset that will continue in the future. 

Another demographic that Eye Spies draws in are teenagers. From ages 13 to 18, teens of today are often seen to be ‘addicted’ to their phones. Eye Spies uses this ‘addiction’ and spins it into a positive manner as the game encourages our spies to be active and adventurous. This age demographic is one that is free to go out and explore different areas of their city, Eye Spies allows for teenagers to find new areas that they may not have known were in their city. 

Furthermore, large crowds that are drawn towards Eye Spies are adults of all ages including the elderly. This is for multiple reasons, one being that it is a productive way for adults who enjoy gaming to continue with their hobby in an accommodating manner to fit their busy lifestyle. Plus, parents who want to spend more time with their children in a new and engaging way that everyone in the family will enjoy. This includes the elderly in family adventures as they can be involved in gaming fun. This is very beneficial for the elderly as it allows them to be more social, something that can be difficult as one grows older.  Overall, Eye Spies is a gaming app that helps its players in many aspects of life whilst also providing a fun time.