How does Eye Spies help the health of the players?

August 7, 2019

Gaming often has the reputation of not being the best for one’s health, however Eye Spies has been able to combine the thrill of gaming with the essential exercise needed as a way to enhance the lives of players. Due to the unique nature of the app there is a high potential for the players to see improvements throughout their overall physical and mental health. 

Lack of motivation to undergo physical activity is commonly an issue for people to exercise, and can stop someone trying to change their life before they even start. The rewards our players receive as they progress further through the game, serve as an incentive for them to continue to go out and venture through their city, leading to an improvement in their fitness. Issues such as childhood obesity can be tackled through the medium of Eye Spies as it masks exercise in a fun and satisfying experience of building a spy empire, engaging the youth through what they enjoy. Overall, it is a fulfilling way to get in the required 10,000 steps daily recommended by doctors (source) whilst you enjoy your time being a spy. 

As well as physical health, Eye Spies benefits mental health. Through the rewards the players receive after completing their missions out in the real world, the happiness neurotransmitter dopamine floods the brain, leading to feelings of immense joy (source). This is paired with the feeling of accomplishment from finishing a mission! These feelings of joy can also be obtained through the positive social interaction (source) that Eye Spies sanctions. Instead of being inside, where traditional video games are played, the players are encouraged to go outside and emerge themselves in the game. They are able to meet other like minded players to compete with in order to advance further through the game.