A gaming app that aims to create more family focused relations

September 16, 2019

Family relationships play an immense role into the well being of the children and how they grow up to be in the future.

With the current generation being glued to their smart devices engaged into their social media and other online activities, it acts as an introvert catalyst crafting the mindset of young children to be lifeless zombies without their smart devices.

Eye Spies, Singapore’s premiere mobile application game is a solution for youngsters and young adults to engage on their smart devices, while at the same time spending time with their loved ones. Eye Spies aims at bringing together the youngsters along with their family, helping the player to become Singapore’s number one spy.

Eye Spies enables the player to create their own spy headquarters that competes with other gamers in the game. Missions, gadgets and other special offers are in the game just waiting to be unwrapped. In order to level up, missions need to be accomplished through Eye Spies image recognition functionality, where users are required to find the Points of Interests (POIs) and capture them on camera with their smart devices.

As parents have traveled around Singapore a lot longer than children who play the game, a good source for uncovering the mission clues are the parents. They are able to help in recognizing where certain distorted images are located in the real-world. Taking your parents out on a stroll to uncover missions and solve clues couldn’t be much more fun, where your parents are helping you to become Singapore’s number one spy!

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