A fusion of the best gaming genres into Eye Spies

September 30, 2019

When it comes to the question of technology, do you think it enhances your children’s lives? If you answered ‘yes’, you are not the only one. A majority of parents believe that technology does have a positive impact on their children’s future, career, and lifestyle.

At an early age, children are connected and are active online, where even school work requires a vast amount of time spent on smartphones, or other devices. It is evident that technology is making our kids more informed, and connected with their family and friends. While mobile applications do provide one area of the gaming category which are, education, action, racing, RPG, etc., Eye Spies takes mobile gaming application into a whole another genre.

Eye Spies integrates the different genres of the gaming industry into one application that allows children, young adults, and adults to experience the spy world. Eye Spies utilizes augmented reality in Singapore by using your camera of your smartphones to uncover hidden missions. With state of the art image recognition, your smartphone becomes your access card into the Eye Spies, a world of spies.

Creating a family bonding and educational mobile gaming application is what Eye Spies core DNA has been since the beginning. As building a mobile gaming application for the sake of playing was one of the desired outcomes, creating additional value through educational image recognition and team work with family members or friends to build your Eye Spies HQ is the perfect way to provide the missing value other games didn’t have.

While family time and education aspect are important, health plays an important factor in the mobile application game, where gamers travel around Singapore based on the mission clues given in the game to solve missions and receive educational insights on certain Points of Interest (POIs). Each POI has its own educational fact that helps children and tourists learn more about the place they are visiting. What better way to explore Singapore than with Eye Spies.

Early bird offers are currently on-going, giving players extra points and awesome freebies that help to complete missions. Sign-up now to start your journey in becoming Singapore’s greatest spy!