Welcome to Singapore's new and unique mobile gaming app Eye Spies. Through this app, our players can experience what it is like to be a spy. You can spend all day on our story mode or have a quick walk and collect points of interest (POIs) on our casual mode. Eye Spies provides a synergistic mix of fun, adventure and a little bit of exercise - perfect for a healthy and relaxing lifestyle. It is so versatile that anyone can take part and enjoy all the different areas of the game.

Start your journey in your own spy world today with Eye Spies.


Who are your spies?

What type of spy are you? Our head spy, Frank Fox, may look elderly but don’t let looks fool you as he is one of the most experienced spies in the world of espionage. He has seen many rogue POI's and is an expert at capturing them.

Coming soon: The Worldwide launch

Eye Spies is planning to launch in numerous parts of the world, in various countries, cities and states within the next year. Keep your eyes open as Eye Spies may only be an arm’s length away from your neighbourhood or the city they’re visiting.

Updates on game

The features of the game are constantly being developed for the pleasure of our customers. Examples include an in-game catalogue that has many fun and colourful items, as well as emotes which will enhance your fun, spy filled experience.


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